Pike Grads Boys

It was recently announced that at 87.9% Indiana had the seventh-highest high school graduation rate in the country for the 2013-14 school year. An article in the South Bend Tribune reported that "White students in Indiana graduated at a 90.4 percent rate. Among black students, the graduation rate was 75 percent, and 83.2 percent of Hispanic students graduated."

We are proud of the success of Indiana scholars and excited to share that Pike High School's graduation rates are also cause for celebration, exceeding the state averages. The overall graduation for Pike High School's 2014 cohort was 93.93%. White students graduated at a 96 percent rate. Black students at PHS graduated at a rate of 92 percent, and the graduation rate for our Hispanic students was 94 percent. It is also worth noting that Pike High School's 2018 graduation rate increased and officially stands at 93%.