Instruction and Professional Development

Greg Nunley Jr.
Gregory Nunley
Director of Secondary Education


The Instruction and Professional Development Department provides instructional support for all content areas. We are committed to providing high-quality professional development for educators with a focus on best practice based instructional strategies to help our students prepare for college and career readiness in the 21st century.




Gregory Nunley, Jr. Director of Secondary Education (317) 387-2216
Christine Sipe-Lloyd Administrative Assistant (317) 387-2216
Erin Naylor District Instructional Specialist (317) 387-2536
Tim Davidson District Instructional Specialist   (317) 387-2531
Sandy Baker District Instructional Specialist (317) 387-2538
Audrey Cope District Technology Integration Specialist (317) 387-2592
Laura Ebbens District Navigation Specialist (317) 387-2517
Nicole Faulkner District Navigation Specialist (317) 387-2518