About Us

College Park is an awesome place to learn and grow.
Our doors are open.
We look forward to sharing with you what we are learning
and how we are growing
every day and in every way.

College Park is located at 2811 Barnard Street. Our newly renovated, state of the art facility is nestled in the neighborhood of College Park Estates. Though our building capacity is 725 students, there are currently about 480 students enrolled in preK through 5th grade. The College Park student body reflects the full socioeconomic spectrum. We also have families who can trace their heritage to many countries; while most of our English Language Learners speak Spanish at home, we have 15 languages represented. Our outstanding team of highly qualified educators proudly serve our culturally diverse community of phenomenal learners.

At College Park, we believe school should be an amazing place where kids have fun, feel supported and have a desire to learn and grow. We want our children to love learning, and create that feeling at College Park by offering our students real life experiences through inquiry based learning projects.  Children are naturally curious, and we need to expand on their curiosity and provide them with the reading, writing and math tools needed to discover the world around them.