Dress Code

Copied from the Pike Township Student Handbook, p. 6-7.

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The way students dress has a direct effect on his/her behavior and academic progress. Standardized dress fosters school unity and pride, eliminates “label competition,” ensures modest dress, simplifies dressing, and minimizes cost to parents. The standardized dress code consists of navy, black, or khaki pants and white, navy, red or green collared polo shirts for both boys and girls. In addition, girls may wear navy, black or khaki jumpers or skorts.

In warmer temperatures, students may wear the same colored walking shorts (knee-length shorts) or capris with their polo shirts.

Dressing improperly is the act of wearing clothing that creates undue attention or a disturbance within the school and interferes with one’s own learning or the learning of other students. Coats, hats (except for religious reasons), scarves, hoods, etc. are not to be worn in the building during the school day.  

It is also recommended that students refrain from wearing jewelry to school. Necklaces, earrings, etc. are subject to damage during physical activity (i.e., gym, recess). Schools will not be liable for accessories that are damaged or lost during the school day.

Proper shoe attire is also requested. Students need to wear appropriate gym shoes which help protect their feet while playing active games, etc. in PE classes as well as on the playground. Students are not permitted to wear opened-toed or shoes with rollers or lights. Children are discouraged from changing shoes while at school.

Your cooperation will help us maintain an environment conducive to learning. When, in the judgment of the principal, a student’s appearance or mode of dress disrupts the educational process or constitutes a threat to health or safety, the student may be required to make modifications. Parents may be contacted to bring replacement clothes to school if inappropriate clothing is worn or the student will be expected to wear alternative clothing from our clinic.

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Código de Vestimento para Primarias del Distrito Pike

Pantalones/Cortos: Azul marino, negro, caquis, pantalones largos o cortos (hasta la rodilla) con cinturón.  Los pantalones deben ser a medida.

Faldas/faldas pantalón, Capris (hasta la rodilla): azul marino, negro o caqui.

Camisas: Camisas polo u Oxford de mangas largas o cortas, lisas: Roja, blanca, azul marino, o verde oscuro (sin rayas o estampas)

Suéter/Sudadera (sin capucha): Los suéteres y sudaderas de color liso deben ser de colores uniformes – rojo, blanco, azul, verde oscuro.

Calzados: calzados apropiados para gimnasia – preferentemente negro o blanco (Deben ser de colores uniforme – rojo, blanco, azul)

               No permitido: colores fluorescentes o no uniformes
               No permitido: calzados de puntas abiertas/sandalias o calzados con rueditas o luces.

Abrigos/Chamarras: Las chamarras o abrigos son a elección de los padres pero no se podrán usar en clase. Solo será aceptable ropa del uniforme y suéteres en el edificio.

Se harán cumplir las normas del uniforme. Si el niño no viene como corresponde, nos comunicaremos con los padres.

Gracias por ayudar a su hijo a ‘vestirse para el éxito.’